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One of the most renowned Beauty Expert and Consultant in the Middle East. With her 40years’ carats of saturated experience and high qualifications, she became a public figure and the Beauty Guru of Lebanon in skin care, permanent makeup, art of relooking and makeover. Owner and Executive Manager of Center “Leila Obeid Beauty World” located in Baabdat Lebanon. Published several books in Arabic and English.


  • 1997, established a beauty center in Baabdat, called “Leila Obeid Beauty World” after her house experience in beauty.
  • Coming soon:
    • Preparing for franchising in the Arab world in 4 Arabic countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai and Jordan.
    • Preparing for the publication of a collection of books under the title “The World of Beauty” “عالم الجمال مع ليلى عبيد”.
    • Working on the opening of “Leila Obeid Beauty Academy for the Education and Training of experts from Lebanon and the Arab World” by AUST.
    • Working on launching products and perfumes bearing the name of “Leila Obeid”.
  • Books:
    • Published many books specialized in the world of beauty in Arabic and English and contributed to the enrichment of the Arabic Library “مكتبة الجمال”.
  • Launched “Jawwal Leila Obeid” from the KSA through which it provided daily messages dedicated to the beauty of women and men.
  • Magazines and articles:
    • Wrote numerous articles, through her experience, in different press and magazines.
  • Lectures and seminars:
    • Participated in more than four hundred cultural lectures and social seminars in universities, institutions and centers in Lebanon and the Arab world.
  • TV Shows:
    • Future TV:
      1999, joined “Future TV” in its morning show “عالم الصباح”
      2003- 2004 – 2005 she created and executed her own program “Beauty clinic”, the first extreme makes over show in the Arab world where medical procedures were demonstrated for the first time in the Arab world, sponsored by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and different medical syndicates … This programme became welcomed by Arab, international media and television stations.
      2000, created a television program “طبيعي أجمل” that was shown in every holy month of Ramadan in 15 Arab countries for 12 years. She transferred the nature to faces, blending elements of beauty and elegance then formulated it in a traditional Arabic template reflecting the beauty of the East through recipes and natural mixtures prepared from the houses which she will soon be launching in her own beauty skin care brand.
    • MBC:
      2009, “Green Apple” Program
    • MTV:
      2014, joined the Alive Show on MTV television in her own program “beauty by Leila Obeid” where she is still in connection with the audience every Tuesday and Thursday.

After the success offer programs, she became super stars’ guest with many TV shows, local and satellite, transmitted talk shows on major Lebanese and Arab channels.


Technical skills

Beauty therapist. Image consultant and advisor. Extreme make over specialist. Makeup artist. Beauty guide expert for teenagers’ girls and mothers. Trusted consultant for hair, skin care, and body.


Arabic, English and French.

About her from journals and worldwide magazines

The expert consultant beautician:
Owner of High End Beauty Centre in the lovely village of Baabdat, Lebanon where she added her mystic touch to her professional word, adopting unique methods in all the beauty sectors with professionalism.

TV Shows:
Her 40 years Carats of experience in the domain made her a superstar with many TV Shows of her and others, local and satellite transmitted talk shows on major Lebanese channels,

Future TV and MTV.
“Beauty Clinic” where medical procedures were demonstrated in the first extreme make over programme in the Arab World in which she was classified by CNN as the Guru of Beauty.
Coupled with live discussions and advices in her programme “Beauty by Leila Obeid” previously on Future TV and lately since 2014 on MTV Lebanon.

Radio Shows
Her own Radio Show on Radio Orient عالم الجمال مع ليلى عبيد, “Infinity” in Kuwait and other Radio Shows in Lebanon and Arab World Channels.

Public speaker:
Has been the public speaker in the opening of several exhibitions in Lebanon (in shape) and Dubai world Beauty. And in Boulogne Beauty word.

Brands Council:
She was chosen by MEMAC Ogilvy and Uniliver as a brand council of Pouds, Head & Shoulders as well as Pantene.
“Kafaat” the University of education as their Beauty Council for over years and still.


Panel member:
Panel member of Murex D’or Awards ceremony, Cael festival Awards,

Respect for diversity.

Adopted a unique service method in all sectors with professionalism.
First to write an encyclopedia about beauty in the Arab world.

Stars and Celebrities:
Added with her golden fingers to many stars and celebrities in Lebanon and the Arab world a touch of unique self-beauty specially for Najwa Karam , Nancy Ajram, and many others.

Rewards and Recognitions:
Her work and success earned her many national and international rewards as well as recognitions which she pride herself with.

Dictionary of beauty in the Arab World:
A part of her vast experience is well expressed in her best-selling books: “Kingdom of beauty” مملكة الجمال. “Beauty is naturality” طبيعي أجمل. “Oriental blends” خلطات شرقية. “For you my Master” لك سيدي، لك سيدتي, a unique beauty book for men and couples.


  • Ambassador of Oriental Beauty in Kuwait in 200″سفيرة الجمال في العالم العربي”.
  • Honored as a “creator” from the Arab world by the “Arab Business Women Association in the Kingdom of Bahrain» by Sheikha Sabika wife of King of Bahrain. سيدة أعمال العرب
  • 2022, honored by أرض المبدعين at UNESCO كمبدعة من لبنان.
  • Ambassador for Ponds Global Products by Unilever in New York.
  • International and Arab Ambassador for Head and Shoulders and Pantene by Proctor and Gamble.
  • Arab Beauty Ambassador for MEMAC Ogilvy in Saudi Arbia.
  • Nominated a “pioneer” from Lebanon in book “Pioneers from Lebanon” رائدة من لبنان as well as a “pioneer” from the Arab world in book “Pioneers from the Arab World”
    رائدات من العالم العربي
  • Nominated the GURU of Beauty by CNN after the super brilliant success of her global program “Beauty clinic”.


موسوعة مملكة الجمال. “طبيعي أجمل”. “خلطات شرقية من البلدان العربية “. “لك سيدي …لك سيدتي”. بيوتي كلينيك ، الصحة قبل الجراحة. “طبختلك”.”كوني أنت …كوني الأجمل”. “نساء عبر التاريخ”. و “Kingdom of beauty”.


Leila Obeid



“ I believe in me”


Beauty is how you feel inside 

and it reflects in your eyes


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