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Leila Obeid

Teaching Experience: 40 years in the beauty industry as a consultant, author, and speaker

Area of Expertise: Beauty Consultancy, Skin Care, Permanent Makeup, Art of Relooking and Makeover

About Leila Obeid
Leila Obeid is one of the most renowned beauty experts and consultants in the Middle East.
With over four decades of experience and high qualifications, Leila has become a public
figure and the Beauty Guru of Lebanon, specializing in skin care, permanent makeup, and
the art of relooking and makeover.

Achievements & Contributions
Leila has enriched the world of beauty with her extensive contributions. She has authored
numerous books in both Arabic and English, adding valuable resources to the Arabic beauty

Leila pioneered “Jawwal Leila Obeid” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing daily beauty
messages for men and women. She has written countless articles for press and magazines,
sharing her beauty expertise with a wide audience.

Her presence has graced more than four hundred cultural lectures and social seminars in
universities, institutions, and centers across Lebanon and the Arab world.

On the media front, Leila has been a key part of various TV and radio shows. She joined
“Future TV” in 1999 and later created and executed her own program “Beauty Clinic,” the
first extreme makeover show in the Arab world. She’s also known for “Beauty by Leila
Obeid” segment on the Alive Show on MTV.

As a radio host, she ran her own show on Radio Orient, “Infinity” in Kuwait, and other radio
shows in Lebanon and Arab World Channels.

Teaching Philosophy
Leila believes in the transformative power of beauty. She guides her students in
understanding beauty not merely as an external appearance but a comprehensive
embodiment of self-care, confidence, and personal style.


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