Eyebrow Shaping & Filling – Shape enhancement  اعادة تشكيل ، رسم وتعبئة الحواجب

Using hair stroke or shading methods (depending on the client’s wishes and skin type), eyebrow cosmetic tattoo has been around for a while, to help frame the eyes and give the right look to your face expressions.

The latest permanent make-up technique for eyebrows is the hair stroke technique, it is used for creating the most natural look brows possible. As each individual hair is pigmented separately, it is far more natural looking than a solid fill.

Lip Contour and Color Filling – Shape enhancement تصحيح تحديد الشفاه والتعبئة

Skin ageing can cause the lip contours to fade. A natural lip liner can permanently restore the shape of your lips and gives your lip line more definition. A PMU lip liner can also correct asymmetrical lip lines for a more proportionately shaped mouth. The so-called ‘full lips’ colour treatment gives a natural colour to pale or faded lips. Lipliner should be considered with caution.

Top and Lower Eye Liner  الايلاينر

A cosmetic Eyeliner is the easiest way to enhance the beauty and expression of the eyes, the perfect solution for anyone with allergies, contact lens sensitivity, vision problems or an active lifestyle. It also helps correct the appearance of certain eye shape and facial asymmetry.

whether a subtle liner on just the top, the bottom or both top and bottom, adding depth, definition, and lift to the eyes so that they appear larger and more striking, and lashes appear thicker and fuller.

Never go “bare-eyed” again!

Beauty Mark العلامة الجماليةالشامات

It is a simple mark that adds sophistication and class to the face.  “Cheek – Cheek Bone – upper lip – Lower lip “

Now anyone can have that iconic symbol of beauty and not have to worry about it smearing, fading, or washing off.

Cosmetic Nipple Areola  تجميل هالة الحلمة

Nipple and areola can be reconstructed with local flaps, grafts, or a combination of the two. Additionally, tattooing can be used to restore color to the nipple and areola.

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal  ازالة التاتو التجميلي

Cosmetic tattoo removal is a special technique that removes most unwanted cosmetic tattoos such as brows, eyeliner and lip liner that has been implanted outside the lips. It can even help with unwanted mistakes right after a procedure is done.

 “Cosmetic Tattoo Removal” Follow up sessions جلسات المتابعة لازالة التاتو التجميلي

It can take up-to 3 sessions.

Skin conditions and the deepness of a tattoo are a determining factor to whether the tattoo is able to be removed or lightened.

No more than 4 passes for each treatment should be made.

The great benefit of permanent make-up is that it won’t smudge throughout the day. It stays perfectly in place day in day out, from early in the morning till late at night, on vacation, in the sauna and while working out.

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